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Today there is no actual, official, regulated MLS system for Northern Baja. The local associations (AMPI-NAR, API) are currently working on putting together a governed MLS for the area. In this new MLS system the properties will be required to have appropriate documentation representing due diligence for the property for clarity of title and security of acquisition. Until then the Point2 system (a real estate marketing web site) is the basis for the de-facto MLS system for Northern Baja.

Click the button below to be taken to the power search section of our Point2 real estate website, This will provide a search system into the nearly 1000 listings in the area from all brokerages and agents. Keep in mind that not all of these properties have been vetted for clarity of title and security of acquisition. For example: some properties are on leased land and can't be purchased.

MLS Power Search

Identify the properties that fit your criteria, copy the links and email them to us. As your agent I put the property through due diligence to be sure that it has clear title and un-cover any issues that may affect security of ownership and the quality of the purchase. We can narrow down your search to the best prospects before you even get to the area.