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Navigating the process of buying property in Mexico requires knowledge, information, patience and a experienced advisor. Below are some documents that may help you get started.

Below are documents that have vital information on the process of buying in mexico and naswer many of the questions you may have. There is also infomration on how to make life in Baja smoother.

Call me to set up an appointment to go over these either at our beautiful Baja office location or over the phone.

Foreign Ownership This document details the facts about owning property in Mexico. It provides information on the different forms of ownership, what to look for, the questions to ask and what to avoid
Purchasing Steps Insight into the steps you must take to complete a safe and secure transaction for purchasing real estate in mexico.
SENTRI Information Information on how to obtain a pass which allows access to the exclusive rapid entry lanes at the San Ysidro and Otay Mesa border crossings. The wait in the SENTRI lanes is usually about 5 minutes and rarely more than 15.
What is an Apostile? When purchasing property in a foreign country there is frequently a need to notarize documents from the country of origin (for example the US). Because of certain treaties in order for notarization to be valid it needs to be internationally certified via a documentation know an an Apostile. Look here for information on how this can be done.