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Mexico Title Services

In the evolution of the Baja real estate environment the number one advancement has been the introduction of formal title services. Historically the closing process was handled by a menagerie of players including the agent, the buyer & seller, psuedo-paralegals, lawyers and the notario. Now a more formal style of service, similar to those found in the US and Canada have been established and are offered by several providers in the area. This combined with the use of escrow, title insurance and financing has created a far more secure environment for the buyer of real estate in Mexico.

Title insurance, property inspections, immigration services and real estate legal services are also offered by these organizations. From end to end a much more secure process has now been established which insures discrete due diligence and exposure of any potential risks to the acquisition and the ability to insure the transaction with title insurance from american title insurance companies like First American Title Insurance and Stewart Title.

Below is a list of recommended service providers in the Baja California region:

Closing Services, Escrow, Title Insurance, Immigration, Inspections, Financing

Escrow-Closing, Estate Planning and Scriptures Experts

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