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Baja California's Real Estate market has been blessed with an influx of high quality, oceanfront, luxury resorts. Posh amenities, fine finishes and lavish layouts make these resorts a fantastic option for the buyers looking for a vacation home, oceanfront residence or retirement location. All of these developments have 24/7 security, plush oceanfront pools, hot tubs, sports facilities and of course breathtaking views. However, each has a unique character and geography and offers exclusive attributes desigened to attract particular types of residence. Let us work with you to identify the perfect resorts and properties availabel from both the developer's inventory as well as many resales that often represent a great option for the astoot buyer.

Contact us today to for a tour of all the resorts in the area and receive a free google earth "add-on" (.kmz) that maps ALL of the resorts in the area with exclusive info on each resort.

Contact me today regarding any of these or with questions about the other developments in the area. I can give you the scoop on what's up, what to expect and how to get the best deal at each of these or any of the other resorts in the area.