TURMOIL or Tranquility

The drop in US property values has made many uncertain about real estate purchases. The current turmoil in the financial markets is both unsettling and disturbing. All this breeds uncertainty about appropriate portfolio decisions.

I had a client call me last night and say "how much is my Baja place worth right now?" He had only purchased it a couple of months ago but we got a great deal that reflected any expected drop in value. I let him know that, in this market he could only get what he paid. His response was pure elation; " well I guess i've saved 50% of my money as it all came out of a mutual fund". His fund had dropped in half and he was in possession of his perfect oceanfront retirement retreat. Meanwhile, he had preserved his equity.

About 7 years ago my wife and I had cash that we needed to "invest". Everyone was making a killing in the equity markets. Conventional wisdom would put that money into a diversified stock portfolio. My wife’s advice will stick in my mind forever; "buy something that you want that will hold its value". She was referring to the dream of an oceanfront home that had always been in my heart. That cash investment turned into a huge equity gain for our portfolio while investments in the market took a sharp turn south post bubble.

The real notion for us was that this was a "lifestyle investment" it did not matter if it made money as it was something we could tuck into our "life portfolio". It allowed us to enjoy the oceanfront lifestyle in our spare time while knowing that some day our retirement on the beach in Baja was secured. This piece of mind was pure tranquility for us.

However, the true lesson of this was that great investments happen when one takes advantage of deflated markets. When things don't look perfect and rosy and there is perceived risk in the market. In the wise words of Warren Buffet:

"When People are Greedy be Fearful...

...When People are Fearful be Greedy."

It is a fantastic time to buy in Baja with prices lowered between 20% & 40%. There have never been more quality choices in our area and great deals with fantastic investment potential & lifestyle enhancement abound. Cash will bring the best deals but some sellers are offering their own financing to make their properties attractive. Check the Baja’s Best Bargain's section for my best picks

Your Baja Dream awaits.  Price and choice have never been better!


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Club Marena is Northern Baja's original luxury residential resort.

It has been the premier oceanfront development on the coast since 1989. This developer has delivered a new phase that is even more spectacular than the last every three or four years.

It is the only development on the coast that can boast the history of success delivery, security and luxury lifestyle that it affords.
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WHATS UP IN BAJABaja's Spectacular Real Estate

Punta Brava: Tiger Woods plans Luxury Baja Golf Resort
The worlds greatest golfer has selected the Northern Baja area for his first oceanfront golf resort. With Greg Norman announcing his resort in BajaMar this year as well the area is poised to become an oceanfront golf mecca read more...
Real Estate Effect:
Huge Upside in the entire area with the immediate area realizing a great economic benefit. New upscale services and business will move in to the area generating a more "Cabo like" social environment.
Opportunity: See HERE for an investment parcel that is 2.8 miles from the Tiger woods development with potential for Golf and Yacht Marina projects.

Mexico plans huge Baja port in Colonet for U.S. trade
President Filippe Calderon and some of the most powerful business leaders in mexico have launched a massive port project in the Colonet area south of Ensenada The project is designed to serve supertankers for receipt and distribution of cargo to Mexico and across the US. It includes a railway that will run from the site to the US border. Read more...
Real Estate Effect:
Major infrastructure boost to the area. Potential for goods and a more robust economy for the area bodes well to serve a major retirement community.

Baja's Largest Commercial Center Opens in Rosarito
WalMart, Home Depot, Applebees, Peter Piper Pizza and a six theater Cineplex (http://www.cinepolis.com.mx/indexmx.asp) are all anchor pennants in what is billed as Baja's largest commercial center. There are restaurants, shops and services of all kinds that will be opening up in the months to come. This is a watershed event in that it ushers in great services that the area definitely needed. Read More...
Real Estate Effect:
Major infrastructure boost to the area. Potential for goods and a more robust economy for the area bodes well to serve a major retirement community.

Sempra Invests Big in Baja to Bring Natural Gas to Mexico
Major investment to bring natural gas to Mexico as well as serve a pipeline to the US to satisfy demand for this clean source of energy. More jobs for the area and new energy infrastructure can only be a positive factor in adding to a world class resort & retirement environment. Read More...

Rosarito to be Home to Baja Convention Center
Twenty-Five acres in the coastal hills on the north end of Rosarito are planned to be transformed in to an 8000 seat convention factuality with 250,000 sq ft of meeting space and parking for 3500 cars and buses. The location is both convenient to Baja & the US as well as being scenic with ocean views and proximity to a beautiful white sand beach. The project is expected to be completed by 2010 with an investment of 250 million pesos that has already been appropriated. Look for more information on Ocean Front Baja soon.
Opportunity: The area currently has only 2500 hotel rooms. Contact me regarding a prime beachfront parcel that is ideally suited for a hotel walking distance from the site.

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