Happy Holidays From Baja!!!

First and foremost Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Holidays from our family to yours during this special time of year. Baja is dressed up in the spirit of Navidad and it is with boundless anticipation that we wish you great times in the year to come.

Baja's Big Rebound
2012 was a big rebound year for our business, tourism and real estate in Baja. This summer tourist returned to Baja like the grey whales return to the coves and bays of this beautiful peninsula every year. It was a welcome site that promoted business growth and a renewed optimism. Restaurants, shops and artisans have returned and reopened in the area. Favorites, like Puerto Nuevo, are abuzz again with the familiar bustle of lobster aficionados and hawker slinging their wares.

Visitors who had not been back for years were pleased to enjoy all this once again and find a vital wine & culinary culture that has burgeoned in recent years. The hotels and popular resorts were brimming with families and groups of friends who were happy to return to the area that always had a special place in their hearts. The blissful relaxing environment, the whirr of the blender and the recreational & culinary opportunities that the area has offered for decades are better than ever.

State Department Agrees
A big part in the return of visitors is the updating of the US State Departments “Travel Advisory” (STDA) for Mexico. Much like every other country (including the US) there are places where there is a criminal element at work and gang related violence spills out (Chicago, Atlanta, LA, etc…). even in those cities it is limited to certain areas and tourist are not the target. A recent travel article stated “Mexico is roughly the size of Western Europe. Of Mexico’s 2,500 municipalities, only 18 have been considered to be a security problem… in 3 of Mexico’s 31 states... those specific places are likely nowhere near where you as a tourist or expat are planning to go.” So the current SDTA reflects this and makes it clear that tourist destinations are as safe as or safer than their US counterparts.
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All this has brought people back to Baja and we now see real estate beginning to turn the corner. With the improvement in the US market and the better perception of the Baja area we see only a positive trend for the market in the year to come.

Great things lie ahead. We hope you will look to us for all your Baja Real Estate and Vacation needs this year!


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We have a passion for Baja and all that it has to offer. We look forward to seeing you down here and are always just a call away to discuss any questions you may have about this very special place.




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Baja's Big Rebound!

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Baja Real Estate Sold by Larry French

Baja Real Estate Sold by Larry French

Baja Real Estate Sold by Larry French



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Baja Real Estate for Sale by Larry French
Baja real Estate for Sale by Larry French

Baja Real Estate for Sale by Larry French


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